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Our story

Based in the heart of Doha, Qatar, HAMMALY was inspired by the true Hammalis of Souq Waqif.

A film by: Amal Al-Muftah

We aspire to embrace the profession and traditions of the Hammalis, to connect you with today’s Hammalis aided with technology, to help you complete tasks, find local services, or hire flexible staff in an instant.

Porters of the Middle East

The Hammalis are the migrant porters of the Arab world. Much like the mountain guides in Nepal, the Hammalis are considered experts in their profession. They are known for their skill, knowledge of the land and local culture, and instincts to carry out tasks assigned to them, intuitively tackling any challenges along the way.


A Hammali leaves his country, to pursue a better life in another.
A Hammali made his life harder, to make someone else’s easier.
A Hammali left his family, to serve another.

Putting People First

Our vision is to change lives—our mission is to help. We aim to do this through improving everyday life by meeting the daily needs of people.

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How it works

HAMMALY’s revolutionary urban logistics & on-demand delivery platform connects customers with local couriers (we call them Hammalis), who pick up jobs through Hammali Connect and execute the task from anywhere in the city.

Book in 2 Taps

Key in your pick-up and drop-off locations along with any notes to get a quote.

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HAMMALY will find you the nearest available Hammali.

Connect seamlessly

Track your Hammali’s location and estimated time of completion in real-time.

Meet and pay.

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HAMMALY is made up of a diverse team of business analysts, designers and engineers, charged with re-imagining end-to-end experiences that will change personal services for good. We are change agents bringing new design capabilities to the MENA region.